Claudia Circioroaba, Mihai Stancu, Daniel Morariu, Daniel Volovici


Identifying Parts of Speech (PoS) represents the process by which grammar tags containing their corresponding PoS are attached automatic to every word within a sentence. Since no word acts as just one single PoS—their syntactic value depending on the context they are used in—identifying parts of speech is not a trivial matter. In this paper we have taken into account two tagging methods, based on Naïve Bayes’ classifier probabilities and the occurring context of the word for which the PoS must be identified. We have called these methods Backward Naïve Bayes and Forward Naïve Bayes. For Romanian language, we have taken into account seven different PoS as: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, article, preposition plus the „and others” category. From conducted experiments, we have observed that identifying the PoS for a word based on the PoS for the previous word produces better results in all respects. We have studied each PoS separately and have concluded that there also are more easily identifiable PoS in Romanian as well: article, preposition, noun, verb; meanwhile the adjective and adverb are more problematic in identifying the PoS.

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