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ISSN 1454-5144

The volume is published twice a year.



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Germanistic Contributions
(CNCS accredited)

Edited by the Department for German Studies of the Faculty for Letters and Arts of the "Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu, under the guidance of the Center for Anglo-American and Germanistic Research

Prof. Maria Sass, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Online edition:
Lect. Marius Stroia, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Editorial board:

Assoc. Prof. Rodica-Ofelia Miclea, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Assoc. Prof. Johanna Bottesch, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Assoc. Prof. Doris Sava, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Assoc. Prof. Sunhild Galter, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Assoc. Prof. Dana Dogaru, Ph. D.
"Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu

Prof. Horst Schuller, Ph. D.

Scientific Board:

Prof. Stefan Sienerth, Ph. D.
Institute for the German Culture and History of South-East Europe at the "Ludwig Maximilian" University in Munich

Prof. Heinrich J. Dingeldein, Ph. D.
Philipps University in Marburg

Dr. h.c. Joachim Wittstock
Writer Sibiu/Hermannstadt

Peer Review:

Prof. Erzsebet Knipf-Komlósi, Ph. D.
Philological Faculty in Budapesta, Hungary
Prof. Csaba Földes, Dr. h.c., Ph. D.

University in Erfurt, Germany

Prof. George Gutu, Ph. D.

Philological Faculty at the University in Bucharest

Prof. Dr. Ioan Lazarescu, Ph. D.

Philological Faculty at the University in Bucharest

Assoc. Prof. Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu, Ph. D.

Tansilvania University in Brasov

Prof. Andras Balogh, Ph. D
Babeº-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

The first issue of the Germanistische Beiträge was published in 1993. It was planned that the review should appear annually or twice a year according to the available financiar resources.

It is a specialized publication in the philological field, more exactly in the field of German language, literature, culture and civilisation.

It included materials written exclusively in the German language.

The editors of the current publication aim at the strenghtening of the scientific cooperation in the field of german studies, attracting both local germanists from Sibiu, as well as coworkers from the other universities in Romania, such as Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov and Cluj, as well as some from Germany: München, Marburg, Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt on the Main, Paderborn etc.

A large part of the articles published in the 17 years from its appearance are materials presented in some symposiums and national and international scientific sessions which took place in Sibiu. The presence of quite a high number of germanists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland both at scientific events and with articles in our review, confirm the scientific level of our publication.

We hope that our review will continue to confimr the important role of the germanistic studies in Sibiu for this branch of studies at an European levels.

The germanists in Sibiu participate in numerous research projects, in partnership with universities from Germany, our publication granting them the possibility of publishing the results of their research.

Last but not least, we are involved in research and a number of young colleagues and doctorands publish parts of their research until the finishing of their doctoral research.

We wish that the research should be a challange for all of us and we intend to attract some valuable elements from the student researchers, especially from those who study for a masters degree.

We are asking that articles or letters should be addressed to:

Universitatea „Lucian Blaga“ din Sibiu
Facultatea de Litere si Arte
Catedra de Germanistica
B-dul Victoriei, 5-7
550024 Sibiu / România
Tel.: (+4)0269/215556 – 217:
Fax: (+4)0269/217887
E-mail: sass_maria@yahoo.co.uk
The publication appears twice a year.
ISSN 1454-5144
Copyright © 2014 Colectivul de Germanistica al DSAAG din cadrul Universitatii "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu.